Welcome to Ciudad Juarez, México!

Safe City will help you with your appointment, stay accommodation and transportation to your Visa interview at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Do not get overwhelmed with all these preparations, let us handle the hard work so you can focus on being on time, answering the right questions, getting your Visa and most of all have the SAFE, enjoyable experience at the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez.


Dear traveler,

We know it has been a long journey to finally get your appointment to the US. Consulate at CD. Juarez, Mexico. We know how hard you and your attorney have been working to get to this memorable point in time; but we also know how fringing and stressing this trip can be, especially to this unknown big city in a part of the Mexican Country that you have no relatives or known friends.
This is the reason we have created CitySafe! To help you navigate Ciudad Juarez safely with a successful outcome in your interview.

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